Time Attack brought to you by (UMRA)United Mini Racing Association.

The Time Attack brought to you by UMRA (United Mini Racing Association) is an autocross-style course, involves maneuvering a mini moto through a tight and challenging course. The goal is to achieve the fastest time possible! Riders will have the opportunity to manoeuver through a predetermined track, utilizing balance, skills, and techniques! 

Each ride groups are categorized by the following:

Twist and Go (Scooter Class)
90cc and Below

The larger engine sizes don't necessarily mean that it's better! The time attack is based on riding skill, not engine size!

*1 registration = 1 bike. If you would like to race multiple bikes, please sign up for additional registration. 

Registration fee: $40    
Registration will be available at the event before 12pm, however, we recommend early online registration to secure your spot.


-Full face DOT or higher certified helmet

- Riding gloves

- Riding jacket

- Long pants

- Ankle-high shoes or riding shoes

*** Full leather is highly recommended. ***


- Non-Sticking throttle

- Functioning front and rear brakes

- All spiked items removed

- All steering and control parts are tight (Example: rotating brake master-cylinders or throttle housing will fail tech)

- No fluid leakage of any kind


Fastest time Overall

     Fastest time in Twist and Go (Scooter Class)

     Fastest time in 90cc and Below

     Fastest time 125cc -143cc

Fastest time 143cc and Above

*Due to limited space, no automobile is allowed to park in the pit area. The automobile will be towed at owners expense. The pit area is first come, first serve. 

*A waiver must be signed by racers. Once the waiver is signed, a wristband would be provided to the registered bike racer.